LDA Awarded Bellevue Equalization (EQ) Storage Basin Project, Memphis, TN

LDA is excited to again serve the City of Memphis and the Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP10), with the award of the Bellevue EQ Storage Basin Design project. The City of Memphis continues to strengthen the community through ongoing system improvements to combat the challenges of aging infrastructure, mitigate the risk of system overflows, and prevent critical failures. The … Read More

Johnson City Celebrates 150 Years

Congratulations to Johnson City, Tennessee on its 150th anniversary!  The city kicked off its year of special commemorative events last January with the revealing of the 1969 time capsule and finished up in December with a community celebration in King Commons Park and the sealing of a new time capsule.

Johnson City’s New Tannery Knob Water Reservoir After One Year

LDA Engineering team members Steve Bostic and Reuben Robertson recently assisted the Project Team members to perform the one-year, construction-warranty inspection for the new five million-gallon Tannery Knob water reservoir in Johnson City. The new prestressed concrete reservoir, which was completed in September 2018, replaced a 1940’s-era concrete reservoir. It provides more system storage for water that is used to … Read More