Walker Boulevard Booster Station / City of Maryville

April 1, 2020

LDA team members have completed a field survey of the Walker Boulevard Water Booster Station for the City of Maryville and are now working in the design phase of the project.  The design phase includes preparing design drawings for the mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation improvements; submitting plans and specifications to the City for review; incorporating the City’s comments; providing an updated opinion of probable cost for construction of the station improvements; and preparing the final contract documents including plans and specifications.

The existing station, which was constructed in 1998, provides water to the Greenwood Pressure Zone.  Since that time, the City of Maryville experienced rapid growth in this zone (see photo), which resulted in an increase in water consumption, straining the system capacity during peak demand.  In order to supply water during these peak demand periods, an additional pump is now required. The new pump will be operated with a variable speed drive so that the pump rate can be adjusted to meet the varying system demands.  Besides the installation of an additional pump, proposed improvements to the Walker Boulevard Water Booster Station include check valve replacement and associated electrical, SCADA, and mechanical improvements. Upgrades will include a new fused service disconnect to reduce incident energy at the electrical distribution equipment to increase safety associated with the hazards of Arc Flash.

LDA team members working on the Walker Boulevard Booster Station project are Steve Bostic, Lead Technical Designer; Glenn Hanson, Electrical Engineer; Cory Newman, Project Manager; and Brad Smith, Lead CAD Designer.  Construction is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020.

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