The Story Behind Our Logo

October 1, 2018

LDA Engineering is excited about our new logo.  It represents where we’ve been and where we’re going.

There’s a story behind the logo and we’d like to share that story with you.

The Shape. The new logo is designed in the shape of a river rock, a symbol of our founding start in the water resources sector of civil and environmental engineering.

The Letters. The letters “L-D-A” are included within the river rock as a tribute to our company’s founder, Lamar Dunn; at the same time, they are subtle and abstract, representing our move to the next generation of civil and environmental engineers and professionals.

Nestled within the outline of the river rock, the letters bring to mind a road network within a community.  The outline of the “D” evokes the image of a water feature within an open space, representing our belief that green space and water features are a central part of our mission to serve communities.

The Name. The company name, shown in a modern and subtle typography, is placed under the river rock to visually demonstrate that communities and clients come first at LDA. It also symbolizes our company’s commitment to provide and support the underlying infrastructure in the communities we serve.

The Colors. The variety of colors in the logo represent LDA’s variety of service offerings. Just as the colors complement each other, our services complement each other as we work to support and enhance communities.

With the new logo in place, we at LDA Engineering are excited about the journey forward as we continue our mission to support our clients in building STRONGER. HAPPIER. COMMUNITIES.  Thank you for being a part of our story.