NDOT/MWS 12th Avenue South Complete and Green Streets Project

Knoxville, TENNESSEE


The 12th Avenue South Complete and Green Streets Project involves the construction of a road diet to introduce protected, dedicated bike lanes and green stormwater infrastructure on an approximately 1.5-mile section of the avenue, which runs through a residential area and connects two major commercial and entertainment districts in Nashville. The project includes the construction of more than 150 curbed islands with approximately one-third featuring urban bioretention for stormwater quantity and quality treatment. Dedicated transit boarding islands and pedestrian refuge areas also are being constructed as part of the project to increase safety and help facilitate multimodal transportation along the corridor. Traffic and pedestrian signal improvements are encompassed in the scope of work.

This project involves a high level of coordination among multiple public entities including Metro Water Services, the project design team, NDOT bikeway program and NDOT paving program. Input and coordination were provided from the sidewalk program and signal program at the Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure, the stormwater department of Metro Water Services and WeGo Public Transit.

This project is constructed/managed in concurrence with a water main improvement project performed by Metro Water Services. The project was managed by LDA and shared resources with the 12th Avenue South Complete and Green Streets Project throughout the length of construction. This included joint efforts with erosion control, traffic control, site preparation and pavement repairs. LDA was the lead engineer for this project, providing planning, community and stakeholder engagement, engineering design, project and construction management and construction administration through an alternative delivery approach. By performing the work concurrently, the Metro Government of Nashville will save money on construction costs and save time on the construction schedule for its citizens all while making a Stronger, Happier Community.