MWS Clean Water Nashville Overflow Abatement Rehabilitation Projects


The Clean Water Nashville (CWN) Overflow Abatement Program is an initiative led by Metro Water Services (MWS) in coordination with partner agencies, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) for the purpose of meeting the Clean Water Act requirements and, in the process, ensuring the environmental health of the Cumberland River and its tributaries for future generations. LDA Engineering was the lead designer and surveyor for various rehabilitation projects within the CWN Program. Clean Water Nashville infrastructure assessment, survey and rehabilitation for these projects include more than 150,000 linear feet of the existing pipe network and over 1,700 manholes. These projects include:

  • Cleeces Ferry Rehabilitation – Area 1 – Summerly Drive
  • Mill Creek/Collins Creek Rehabilitation – Area 1
  • Mill Creek/Collins Creed Rehabilitation – Area 2
  • Wallace Lane Rehabilitation
  • Shelby 6
  • Shepherd Hills
  • Dry Creek
The scope of the MWS CWN rehabilitation projects includes review of existing record drawings, review repair and maintenance records, CCTV assesment, survey, manhole inspections, design and construction services.