KUB Century II Program
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These renovations may not be visible to the consumer, but the improvements ensure that the backbone of water and sewage services for communities across Knoxville function well. Improvements result in increased performance, efficiency and reduction in interruptions to service.

Pump Stations

At the heart of municipal water infrastructure are water treatment and pump systems that distribute water to the community. LDA has decades of experience redesigning, updating and constructing pump stations to meet modern standards, needs and efficiency.

Projects include:

  • A $74 million project to rejuvenate all of the pumping systems for the City of Morristown and evaluate, plan and perform upgrades to modernize the system. This project includes 28 pump stations of four different types. LDA has performed similar projects in Oak Ridge, Kingsport and other municipalities throughout Tennessee.
  • Major pumping station designs completed in Kirkuk, Iraq, to overhaul a pump station built in 1955. The redesigned pumping facilities achieved cost savings, high efficiency and lowered energy impact and provide 24 million gallons of water per day to the surrounding communities.
LDA led design efforts to rehabilitate large portions of water infrastructure throughout the greater Knoxville area, including more than 100,000 linear feet of piping and the associated manholes, access points and sewer.