It was a Dark and Stormy night…

Back when I was engaged in nonpoint source stormwater pollution research, the famous opening line of Bulwer-Lytton’s 19th century novel, “Paul Clifford,” invoked an image different than what the author intended. I imagined that it was raining and nobody was looking. But since then, all of that has changed. It’s still raining, but somebody is looking.

Engineering Chattanooga’s Future

Chattanooga is a perfect place to appreciate all types of engineering. Described as the River City, Scenic City and Gig City, the Tennessee town owes its legacy to engineers.

Aging infrastructure gets legislative attention

Because infrastructure lies underneath the surface, most people only become aware of its necessity when something goes awry. However, a recent bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives intends to make it easier to fund much-needed water infrastructure projects.

A flooding solution with widespread benefits

By Don Mauldin, PE   Local governments across the country must make difficult decisions when approving public works projects because financial resources have become as precious as clean water. A project with layers of perks that extend beyond the scope of the initial problem are more likely to be funded by cities. Other single-solution projects are increasingly being postponed or … Read More

EPA Orders aren’t just for “Big Cities”

Assessing the Capacity of a Small Community’s Sanitary Sewer System by Lee Gentry, PE In 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notified the City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (City), that it must upgrade its sanitary sewer system to eliminate sewer overflows.  The notice was a “tall order” indeed.  The major components of the Administrative Order were to: Document previous … Read More

Staying afloat with the rise of flood insurance rates

By Lee Gentry, PE Starting this October, some property owners should expect to see a rate increase because of changes in how flood insurance is managed on the federal level. At LDA Engineering, our response is to offer our clients insight into what this mean on a local, state and regional level. The answer is of considerable importance since our … Read More

Wastewater Pumping Stations: Out of sight, but not out of mind

By Steve Bostic. PE When was the last time you considered the wastewater infrastructure that operates behind the scenes in your city? Although these systems may operate well in the background, maintaining and updating the infrastructure is critical to preventing asset failure thereby better protecting public health and safety. It may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out … Read More

Sponsoring Sustainability: Green Spaces “The Rooftop Hop”

By Eddie Wade, PE LDA Engineering is proud to sponsor the The Rooftop Hop, a fundraising event for Green Spaces, in downtown Chattanooga on October 19. Green Spaces is a local charity created in 2008 that promotes sustainability in daily living, business operations and building practices in East Tennessee.

Our new brand showcases our greatest strength: Our people

Lamar Dunn and Associates has a 30-year reputation of excellence in water engineering and management solutions. Our founder, Lamar Dunn, established and managed this business with quality people who have focused on becoming trusted advisers to our clients for engineering related services. We’re building on that legacy.