Annoor Academy of Knoxville team takes top honors in Future City Competition

January 21, 2023

LDA Engineering hosts regional STEM event for students to address solutions to sustainability issues

A team from Annoor Academy of Knoxville won first place in the Future City Competition, a middle school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program, and will move to the national competition in February in Washington, DC.

For the sixth consecutive year, LDA Engineering has participated in the program with team members volunteering to become mentors, helping with the regional event and judging entries.

The winning team from Annoor Academy of Knoxville will proceed to the national Future City Competition in Washington, D.C.

“It is always fun and so inspiring to work with the kids in the Future City Competition to see what ideas they have to make our communities better by dreaming of big ways to engineer cities of the future by using STEM principles,” said Jason Brooks, CEO of LDA Engineering and a regional coordinator for this year’s event. “Our company is invested in STEM and engineering education, and we’re proud of all of the teams and partners who worked so hard to make this event possible. We wish the students from Annoor Academy of Knoxville best of luck in the national competition.”

The regional event was held Jan. 21 at the Zeanah Engineering Complex at The University of Tennessee Tickle College of Engineering. Teams from Northwest Middle School, Annoor Academy of Knoxville, Croft Design Center Middle School in Nashville, Surgoinsville Middle School and Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle School participated.

The teams were challenged to address the topic of climate change by working with classmates, an educator and volunteer mentor to use the engineering design process and project management skills to envision and design a futuristic city. Solutions were presented in an essay, city model using recycled materials, a seven-minute presentation, project plan and through a Q&A with a panel of STEM professionals.

Students worked to build cities that could withstand the challenges of climate change, using recycled materials.

Teams have been working on their projects since August. In addition to the top regional award, other special awards were presented to teams for categories such as best model and creative problem solving.

  • 1st Place and Best Moving Part: Lagos, the city presented by Annoor Academy of Knoxville students Imran Fahmi, Adam Mourad, Muhedin Hashani, Lubna Doleh, and Yasmeen Aqqad
  • 2nd Place: Robot City presented by Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle School students Nora Scarborough and Sequoia Lambdin
  • 3rd Place and Best Presentation: Turtle City, presented by Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle School student Mason Parks
  • Most Creative Approach to Problem Solving: Neoshiraoi, presented by Northwest Middle School students Thomas Milligan, Logan Hollingsworth, Sarah Dawson, Zachary Nix, and Carter Rosenbalm; and Sweetspire Village, presented by Croft Middle School students Angel Gonzalez-Leonides, William Wahl, and Lyra Kettle
  • Best Use of Recycled Materials: Ville Amie, presented by Northwest Middle School students Cameron Lewis, Anderson Vasquez Francisco, and Pascual Sebastian Domingo; and CypherCity, presented by Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle School students Ella Dunlap and Martha Kerr
  • Best Essay: Shona City, presented by Surgoinsville Middle School students Cara Lainhart, Cora Lainhart, Carena Lainhart, and Gracee Parton

In honor of the firm’s 40th anniversary, in 2022 LDA Engineering made a $500,000 renewed commitment to STEM education and also dedicated $120,000 in college scholarship funds.

“Young people are the future of STEM professions, and we want to share our passion with students at an early age to inspire their future,” Brooks said. “Programs like Future City Competition help us put our commitment to work in tangible ways, and I highly encourage students, educators and schools to get involved.”

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