Secret City Festival

By Mitzy Collins LDA is committed to giving back and investing in the communities where we live and work. For the third year in a row, LDA is proud to be a main event sponsor for Oak Ridge’s Secret City Festival. The importance and history of the festival to the citizens of Oak Ridge made this a great opportunity for … Read More

Engineering Global Change

By Jonathan Wallace, PE LDA’s Jonathan Wallace is committed to giving back. As a member of Engineers Without Borders Tri-Cities Chapter, he is part of the team dedicated to engineering global change.

Investing in Chattanooga’s Infrastructure

By Mark Harrison, PE LDA’s Mark Harrison and volunteers from the North River Soccer Association  gathered to participate in the Tennessee Environmental Council’s 50k Tree Day and invest in Chattanooga’s infrastructure.  

Sewer Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation Methods

By Greg Jones, PE After completing an evaluation of the gravity sewer system, an engineer will determine if problems exist. When a problem is identified, an engineer will determine the best sewer rehabilitation method.

Sewer rehabilitation: Evaluation

By David Marcum, PE As a work plan is developed to evaluate the gravity sanitary sewer system, all of the infrastructure (assets) must be inventoried. A typical inventory would include the gravity sewer pipe sizes, lengths, materials and age.

Geographical Information Systems and Water Management

By Jim Albert Geographical Information Systems are prevalent in our everyday lives, from smartphone push notifications to emergency dispatch centers. And while these are highly visible and above-ground applications, GIS also can be used in a bottom-up approach to water management.